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#NewMusic: Chosen – Rigamortise 🙌

Listen here >>>> Soundcloud 🎶 

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the few conscious rappers in Carolina.  Peep the interview below! #Jaymarlé

Chosen, where’d you get that name from and why?

  • I got the name Chosen from the people that started listening to my music and gravitating towards it.  It was like something that I can’t explain.  My homeboys would tell me “bruh you the one!”  So someone asked me what my name was one day and I was like “Justin” and they was like “nah your name needs to be Chosen.”  So the name was pretty much plastered on me.  So I just took it for what it was and embodied the whole meaning of what it was to be chosen.

What made you want to start rapping?

  • I just love good music.  I always use to rap, but before it really didn’t have any substance.  So when I came to the light and realized what was real, I listened to the radio of what the generation has now a days.  I was like man somebody gotta do something.  What better way to do it than through the music.  I try to do what I can, put these bars together with some good positive music and some substance in it to try to reach these young ones.

How long have you been in the game?

  • Well officially I’ve been in the game since I was about thirteen.  But taking it seriously for about four going on five really perfecting my craft. 

Where are you from, and is your city aware of your movement?

  • I’m originally from Spring Hope, NC but I been in Rocky Mount, NC for the last ten years.  
  • I believe people know, but they don’t take notice of it because I’m so close to home.  Its like it says in the book of proverbs, a prophet is without honor in his own home.  But I don’t trip cause it will come.

Lastly, what’s your biggest aspiration in life Chosen?

  • My biggest aspiration in life is to ultimately make music that will raise some awareness in the mind of the people but not only for people but the world.  I know I can’t change the world, but I can contribute or be that spark that ignites the change.

Well Chosen thank you for your time, and I wish you nothing but the best in life and in this industry! 👏

  • Thank you.  I apprecite it, and again I’m humbled by the experience and the situation. 


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