A Taste of Consciousness 

   I linked up with this solid conscious artist who goes by Malakhi the Gift. With the current state of racism and violence increasing, I had to let him bless you all with some knowledge. Peep the interview below!    Where’d you get that name from & why?  Malakhi means my messenger in the hebrew […]

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Lights, Camera, Action!

  It seems like the film industry of North Carolina tends to get overlooked. We could be bypassing the next Denzel Washington or Halle Berry! I had the pleasure of running into a talented actor from the Carolina’s and definitely feel like he has what it takes to succeed on the big screen. Peep my interview […]

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Born Again 

  Jaymarlé‘s recent release, Born Again, hit the ground running! This track was created to give you a hint of what positivity feels like and to show the world that regardless of what you’re experiencing, IT GETS BETTER. Born Again has a touch of Hip Hop and a smack of Neo Soul combined. Have you […]

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