Lights, Camera, Action!

  It seems like the film industry of North Carolina tends to get overlooked. We could be bypassing the next Denzel Washington or Halle Berry! I had the pleasure of running into a talented actor from the Carolina’s and definitely feel like he has what it takes to succeed on the big screen. Peep my interview with Damien S. Johnson! 


Damien, tell me about your most rememberable moment during your acting or modeling journey.  

Click here to catch Damien LIVE ON SET.

  • My most remarkable moment thus far was seeing myself in my first film in a supporting role and the response I got from my directors, producers and my fellow peers! It was inspirational and fueled me for the future!! Also the inspirational words I got from people just confirmed what I already knew.

    How long have you been in the game?

    • I’ve been in entertainment now for about 10 years, but I’ve been seriously acting for 6. I started with a commercial and moved to film.

    Where do you see yourself in five years? 

    • In 5 years I’ll be known around the world as an award winning actor as well as songwriter. I’ll be a realtor and I’ll also be teaching acting to teens, what to do to start acting, especially around my way. I want to implement it within a mentoring program for at risk youth. 

    Where are you from? & is your city aware of your movement?

    • I’m from Harnett County, NC! Country BOY at its finest! I say my whole county oppose to a town/city because I get love from everywhere and I feel I represent every city and town there. Yes they’re very aware of my movement. Some have followed me from when I first started with the modeling.

    What’s your biggest aspiration in life?

    • I just really really want to make my family proud. I have more aspirations, but this is the top! Just because in the past I got into a lot of trouble and caused a lot of pain and worry. I want to do something that they can be more than proud of so I can bless them financially for generations to come! 

    Click here to catch Damien starring in the film Hurt People… Hurt People.

      Closing remarks: 

      I loved the interview Damien! It was honestly my pleasure. I can see your name headlining a movie or even a high end fashion spread for Sean Jean. God bless my brotha! -Jaymarlé

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