A Taste of Consciousness 


I linked up with this solid conscious artist who goes by Malakhi the Gift
. With the current state of racism and violence increasing, I had to let him bless you all with some knowledge. Peep the interview below!

Where’d you get that name from & why? 

  • Malakhi means my messenger in the hebrew language.The Gift comes from me sharing my gift of rhyme with the world. Also Malakhi breaks down to:
  • Metaphors
  • And
  • Lyrics
  • Always
  • Killing
  • Hatred
  • Instantly

 What made you want to start rapping?

  •  I started rapping after I heard groups like X-Clan and Public Enemy.

Explain what Pro Black means to you and why the world is so intimidated by it. 

  • Pro black to me is having high self esteem and enhanced racial pride! The world is afraid of a black nation rising because if we do this mass unification the system and those in control will lose all power they currently have over us socially and economically.

Where are you from? & is your city aware of your movement?

  • I was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL. Yes they are aware but they are not onboard with conscious music, so I connect with anyone that’s like minded regardless of their demographic

What’s your biggest aspiration in life? 

  • I just want to spark the mind of the younger generation and wake up my generation to ensure a solid future for the youth. It’s really all about Teaching the truth to the young black youth!


Closing remarks: 

✊🏾 My brotha I can already tell that your movement will one day be televised. The fact that you’re willing to awaken the people is powerful!  One can’t deny the truth forever. I have nothing but respect for you. God bless!

Connect with Malakhi the Gift: SoundcloudFacebookTwitterInstagramBandcamp



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