I’m convinced that there’s a secret society of extremely dope emcees in Georgia. From the lyrical word play to the strong cadence, Lejit is the type of artist that honestly deserves all eyes on him. Listen to his latest release, Good Conversation HERE.

Where’d you get that name from & why?
  • When I started making music in high school, I got support from people of all walks of life. Part of it was because people what always say my Lyrics were lejit but also in a time in the south when “trap” rap was popular, I rapped my lyrics from a real but different perspective, and all my hustles were legal.
    What made you want to start rapping?
    • I started by writing poetry just to release my feelings. I got the courage to freestyle something I had written in the cafeteria one day and that was that.
    Explain what Pro Black means to you and why the world is so intimidated by it.
    • As far as making Pro Black a term, I think it just means sticking up for a group of people often stereotyped or discriminated against in the world. I think the goals of being Pro Black are ever changing as history changes. Even in an era where racism still exists, but may not be as openly prevalent as it was, nothing occurs in a vacuum. You still have historical events that have affected people of color that create difficult situations today. To me Pro black is about equality and speaking up and acting about it. Not that black, or white, or freckled or anybody is better than anyone else. But until we get to a point where we just view humans as a race and realize we need to focus our energy combating environmental sustainability and the progression of society, we must fight for and educate the world of the oppressed minorities. In reality, There are no minorities, just political agendas and movements of wealth. We appear different to to melanin levels and genetics. None the less, I was born “black” so I understand what people like me deal with and have been labeled so I strive to educate the world about our culture.
    Where are you from? & is your city aware of your movement?
    • I’m from Decatur GA. Within my community, and also with the use of social media, I am aligned with many like minded people and also try to share my knowledge with new people I meet. I also listen to their stories as well. I speak for the voiceless and tell stories of the forgotten. Music has helped to allow me to amplify not only what I think about being progressive in the world, but also to be a voice for my community to the world. I also have a modest sized property management company and have been able to help people find homes for their families. I wouldn;t say I have the “city on lock” but the influence is growing daily.
    What’s your biggest aspiration in life?
    • Biggest aspiration is to continue my quest for knowledge of happiness and self, and to be a center point for education to the world on that goal. This includes my personal life of providing this for my family wife and kids, but also my community and beyond. Music is something I enjoy very much. But I see it as a piece in being a spiritual, economic, and social leader in the world. Along with creating music for the world I want to be able to provide economic and educational opportunities for people.
    Connect with Lejit: SoundcloudInstagramFacebookBandcampYouTube

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