Who is The Cheeta Princess? 

I had the pleasure of having a sit down with one of North Carolina’s hottest models, Cheeta! We discussed her love for the camera and even dabbled in her family roots. Peep the interview below and make sure to book this beauty for your next event. 

Where’d you get that name from & why? 

  • My family is African American, Indian, and Ethiopian. I have an aunt that is an Indian Chief in Pennsylvania named Buffy RedFeather and in seeking spiritual guidance and prayer she deemed me “The Cheeta Princess”.

What inspired you to start modeling?

  • I’ve been in front of a camera since I was small. I’ve always wanted my parents to take me to auditions and enter into pageants. I used to watch every movie, show, & interview that Tyra Banks was in because she is such a positive role model for aspiring models.

Is there a certain shoot that was most memorable to you? Why? Explain. 

  • All of my shoots have been memorable because each one I’ve done and learned something different. Anyone who’s ever shot with me knows I’m not afraid to have a near death experience to get a good shot. 

Where are you from? & is your city aware of your movement?

I am originally from Mount Olive, Nc. My city is definitely aware of my movement. Its such a small town, everyone knows everyone.

What’s your biggest aspiration in life?

My biggest aspiration in life is to make as big of an impact as I can on a lot of these aspiring models lives. I’ve had my share of good experiences as well as bad in this industry, as well as my share of hearing NO. So I truly feel I have a lot to offer other women, especially the ones that are looking to process and are open to learning and taking direction.

Connect with Cheeta: FacebookInstagram

For Booking: highsmithpa@gmail.com


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