Promo Packages

Website Placement   7 days of heavy promo  Custom interview.  Twitter Instagram Facebook Tumblr Google+.  Album or single review. Online radio submission.   $50 – Purchase via PAYPAL , Cash App , or email: for alternative payment methods.  For Twitter 4 tweets an hour. 4 retweets an hour.  1 #followtrain an hour. $5 a day – $25 a […]

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Indie Artist Spotlight: Trel Mack

Philadelphia’s own Trel Mack of SKE Records has been gracing the covers of several social media and music entertainment platforms lately. Watching his rise to stardom has been truly inspirational. Check out my up close and personal interview with Trel Mack below!  1) Where’d you get that name from & why? For those that don’t know, If […]

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The Scoop With Jaymarlè

As Jaymarlé prepares to release her new single we ask that you stay tuned! Click HERE to download her EP: The Art of Floetry, which was released in 2015. Some of the new comers may not have been aware of this digital release. Jaymarlé combines poetry, hip hop, and neo soul in order to give her fans […]

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Kain the Social Artist

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of North Carolina’s more unique yet talented artists who goes by the name of Kain. We discussed everything from his hometown to his biggest aspirations in life. Kain explains exactly what it means to be a “social artist.” Peep this exclusive interview below!  Where’d you get that name […]

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Neo-Rap Soul

Jaymarlé is a singer, songwriter who hails from the small town of Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Her sound is heavily influenced by artists like Erykah Badu and Macy Gray. Her unique soulful vocals place her in a lane of her very own. She strives to make an impact on her community through her Neo-Rap Soul […]

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