Kain the Social Artist

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of North Carolina’s more unique yet talented artists who goes by the name of Kain. We discussed everything from his hometown to his biggest aspirations in life. Kain explains exactly what it means to be a “social artist.” Peep this exclusive interview below!

Where’d you get that name from & why?

  • My name Kain came from a friend back when I was on rap forums and trying to change my name to something else other than Shortstop (Haha this was because I liked Derek Jeter. I was 9 so give me a break). So yeah, a friend hit me like “Yo change your name to Kain”. Idk where he got it from but I was like aight cool sure. Now it makes more sense to me with the whole Enoch wave and my personal journey in relation to my faith.

Explain your style of music and what motivated you to do music. 

  • I consider myself a social artist, which means I use my gift and talents and music and influence for the good of the consumers, the community, and to highlight critical social issues. So it’s more of a “woke” kind of music. I was motivated at 9 years old by my cousin Coop (shoutout to him) and we did a whole freestyle mixtape called Bling Up Sling Up 2000 (I still have the cd and it’s teeeeerrible) and from there I was like…let’s see if I can really do this thang. From there this is where I am.

Have you recently released any new music? If so where can we find it? 

  • I released my album The Foundation recently and it’s available for streaming at: http://www.callmekain.com – Once you get there you’ll see all the moves we’re making with the tour, which is about 8 cities on the East Coast and the Midwest again so make sure you join the mailing list to stay updated. I give away free merch and music and videos are shown first there etc. So what I’m doing is taking those albums and pushing those and actually working on 2 new projects that will release in the next month after the tour is over. SO we got work to do!

Where are you from? & is your city aware of your movement?

  • I’m from Pantego North Carolina (It’s a hour east of Greenville cuz nobody ever knows what that is). But yezzir, my city and hometown are my biggest pushers to the movement. The City of Enoch as I call them and anyone that’s a part of the wave. They’re the driving force behind what I do and my organization, The Enoch Coalition, is set to create new pathways for youth and young adults to find their passion and to create and monetize their own brands and help the world overall with whatever their gift is. So Pantego pushes me to do that and I’m going to develop a creative complex for them there when I have the resources and means to get it going.

What’s your biggest aspiration in life?

  • My biggest aspiration and the “end all be all” of my grind right now is to create a creative arts complex that teaches youth and students to recognize their passions, create, brand, market and monetize their products to the world for the good of the people. Essentially a creative co-op. It will be a top of the line facility and program, so in places that we cannot construct buildings we will develop programs for students after school (like a big YMCA) strictly for developing and creating product to sell and monetize for themselves. They’ll take their creations and we will organize benefit concerts, live art auctions, fashion expos, tech conferences, etc. Too late in the game we notice what we really love is way outside the scope of what we got degrees for, so I want to give youth something to call their own that enables them to give back prior to falling into student debt; and if they do they’d have a business that provides supplemental income to help lower their debts. Our generation is doing that enough right now. It’s time for a change. We have to create that change.


Kain is a hip-hop/social artist from Pantego, North Carolina. Kain makes hip hop music strongly influenced by the 90’s. Kain’s said purpose is to direct the attention of listeners to their own unique passions and to help ignite the builders of the world on their own voyage. Along with a pure flow, Kain provides the listener with a voice that is said to be “powerful and made to move crowds”. Kain regularly plays venues such as Shiners, SWET, Blind Tiger and Greensboro’s Greene Street Club where he has opened for acts such as BIG KRIT, Rittz, BIG SEAN, CYHI da Prince, Freeway, and Blind Fury.



Twitter: @callmekain

Instagram: @callmekain


For booking: kaindagod@gmail.com


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