Indie Artist Spotlight: Trel Mack

Philadelphia’s own Trel Mack of SKE Records has been gracing the covers of several social media and music entertainment platforms lately. Watching his rise to stardom has been truly inspirational. Check out my up close and personal interview with Trel Mack below! 

1) Where’d you get that name from & why?

  • For those that don’t know, If you go back and refer to my vlog on TrelMackVevo, How Trel Mack got his name? I explain where it comes from. To keep a short story short, It was a childhood name that my friends came up with and I adopted it. I wasnt no Mack Daddy or anything like that, I was always good with the women and vice versa so it just made since. 

2)What made you want to start rapping?

  • Tupac is my favorite rapper or all times, so I kind of got the idea of just rapping in general from reciting his raps without any intention on actually rapping at the time. Its started to progress as a more recreational activity and being surrounded by the art. Over time i just continued to get better and better and better from that point on I didnt want to stop. My first project “Mack Of The Year” gave me a more professional start and outlook on creating music when I started SKE with Q The Question in 2006.

3)Explain what this track Luv Is Life means.

  • Very Simple, Love is the most important thing someone can have. It doesn’t matter where the love comes from, can you imagine a world without any love? I can’t. When people hear the song Luv is Life, a lot of people seem to ask me did I write that based on a relationship. The answer is no, its based on love in general being there for one another whether its your friends, significant other, or your pet. Doing what you love is love, Succeeding is love, seeing someone else accomplish their dreams is love, helping someone cope is love. Just saying a simple hello is Love to me. 

4)Where are you from? & is your city aware of your movement?

  • Im from Philadelphia, Born and Raised. Philly is very aware of whats going on, before it was a struggle but we got the formula now and no one cant take that. Me and my team come up in the conversations now. 

5)What’s your biggest aspiration in life?

  • Just being happy and doing what I love. Making sure my kids and family are straight with this generational wealth that me and my team are putting together. If you want to know more about my Aspirations in life, check out my song All I Need from the Night Before The Dawn E.P and it will break it all down for you. Peace and Love, Make sure you cop that new E.P on all major retailer platforms and check out 

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