SC Music Awards Nominee, Sam Be Mixing, Releases New Mixtape

The South Carolina music scene is truly phenomenal. Some of you may take that statement lightly, but peep this! I’ve met so many talented individuals from South Cak. Studio of the Year nominee Sam Be Mixing out of Columbia, South Carolina dropped this banger called Da Ingredients Mixtape. The tape is full of HEAT!

Usually mixtapes are put together by artist or DJ’s will put together a collaboration album with multiple artist and producers. This mixtape is more of a merger between the two constructed by recording and mixing engineer Sam Be Mixing.  This tape has it all from freestyles to original songs, remakes, and even an acapella by the engineer’s 8 year old nephew. Over 20 artists all residing in South Carolina. All artists brought their own original styles and flavors to the tape and everything blended well. Every sub-category of Hip-Hop music is represented on this mixtape. If you love Hip-Hop then you are going to love Da Ingredients Mixtape. 

Check out Da Ingredients Mixtape HERE!!!

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