It’s Just Not About The Music, It’s About Living… 

These days it’s becoming rare to meet an artist full of a great amount of passion for the music. A lot of artists are solely concerned about getting rich quick rather than putting for the effort. After a brief conversation with artist Jonathan I’ve discovered that these compassionate artists still exist. 

#NewMusic: Jordan Year

“My age in particular; I just turned 23 and I wanted to let everyone know what I have to offer. It’s just not about the music, it’s about living, be it my past in the streets or me enjoying life on the west coast. It’s about not changing but understanding that somewhere along the lines of life, you’re going to have to switch lanes, you’re going to be exposed to great and horrible things, but you can’t let that determine who you are. You change for the better. The hook, “This my Jordan year, Imma show the people why I’m here, never change, never fold, this is what I was told, cross over, don’t fadeaway” It’s bigger than just a play on words, Michael Jordan, or my age, this is about life, this is about my people. I can only hope people get that message out of the song and go live without seconding guessing or without thinking that where you come from determines where you’re going.”


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