One of the Keys to Hip Hop

I recently chopped it up with one of the most passionate young artists who goes by the name Key. What’s the key to Hip Hop? Personally I’d say it’s passion. His prevailing tone and delivery is Hip Hop’s sickest contribution. 

Where’d you get that name from & why?

I got my name key from what I’ve been through and my affinity for music. I feel my words are the catalyst or “key to everything pain, struggle, love, hate, racism, ignorance etc. When it comes to music it just expresses those experiences within each song I write and record. 

What age were you when you began rapping and what made you want to start?

I started rapping at 13 and what made me start to be honest was one song “changes” from 2pac. That was the first time I could recall where a song touched my soul on the basis of what’s truly real in this world and what needed to be spoken on. I felt if he can express his soul through his music and make others feel the expression than I want to give others that feeling and still be able to entertain while encouraging to make a difference. 

Have you recently released any new music? If so where can we find it?

I recently released my newest song called “Prayers and Omens” I have another song on the way that’ll be announced in a week or so which all can be found on my website 

Purchase Prayers and Omens HERE.

Where are you from? & is your city aware of your movement?

I’m from Benton Harbor, Michigan a small city about three hours away from Detroit. My city is full of aspiring artists like myself, but I’ve made sure my voice is heard and recognized to be honest so yes I can say my city is aware. I got people I’m hearing through the grapevine supporting my music that I don’t even know and others who don’t feel me lol. But whether it’s hate or love I can say people know about me one way or the other and it can only go up from here.

What’s your biggest aspiration in life?

My biggest aspiration in life is to make a difference in my family’s lives, my friends lives, others lives, and my life. Not just to be better financially but to be able to live life with little limitations. To do what I love whether it’s music, acting, screenwriting, modeling, business management, fitness etc for a living and helping others do the same. That’s my biggest and most focused aspiration to just make a difference in this world.  

Connect with Key: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter 


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