Who is HighRoller DP?

From his unique delivery to his trippy behavior artist HighRoller DP has the sauce! What impresses me the most about this young rapper is the amount of genuine fans that he has. Making consistent music and moves is definitely a formula for success in the music industry. Salute to the whole High Rollerz movement. 

Where’d you get that name from & why? 

  •  I came up with the name because my mans start saying we HighRollers from the way we live and how we smoke a lot and do whatever we do big. And DP comes from my initials. Everybody always called me dat. 

What age were you when you began rapping and what made you want to start?

  •  I started rapping at 13 for fun then I stopped until I was 16 where I started taking it serious. I wanted to start rapping cause my mans was doing this rap shit and people was telling me to go hard at that shit this time.

Have you recently released any new music? If so where can we find it? 

  • I have a lot of music on my soundcloud – HighRoller DP and my YouTube – HighRollers. I got a single with DJ Motor Mane hosting it and I’m dropping a mixtape on Christmas.

Where are you from? & is your city aware of your movement?

  • I was born in Texas but raised in Detroit. I would say part of my city is aware of my movement but not at its full potential yet. I have fans from different cities.

What’s your biggest inspirations in life? 

  • One of my biggest inspirations would have to be Wiz khalifa and how he came about to be a rapper and created his own brand.

Listen to HighRoller DP on SoundCloud HERE

Follow on Instagram & Twitter: @highrollerdp


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