5 Truths | Featuring New Music by Aleychia

Independent artist Aleychia drops something to blaze the summer with entitled Confessions of a Courtesan which is featured on Spinrilla.

Words from Aleychia: In my opinion the illest song off COAC is Straight Drop. The beat just has a good summer vibe to it. The hook is very catchy as well and its an unisex song. 



1️⃣ Who is Aleychia?

  • Aleychia is a God fearing, very blunt yet down to earth & hilarious female artist.

2️⃣ Tell us all about your last performance at the Black Aphillyated Showcase.

  • It was a SUPER dope performance, I had a 20 minute set in which I performed 4 songs off COAC & 1 off WTFIA. I had so much fun and I’m definitely looking forward to doing more shows soon!

3️⃣ I know you’ve been single for some months now, BUT is there anyone you’re really feeling at the moment?

  • Yessss, lol. I have my eyes on this guy right now. We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds though.

4️⃣ You don’t have any featured artists on COAC. What triggered you to make that decision?

  • COAC was/is very personal. Especially because of the “Confessions” in the title, I felt like I had to live up to that word. I sat down & wrote it from the heart. You can tell on Hustler Musik & Can’t Trust I just wanted to tell a story & I felt like I didnt need any assistance so I didn’t get any features.

5️⃣ Explain how important music really is to you.

  • Music is my get away, for the past 7/8 years of my life I’ve dedicated myself to being artist (I started when I was 12). For the past year & a half I’ve definitely been more serious. I want to reach people with my craft honestly, I’m 19 now so as I grow my music will grow but its always been important. I eat, sleep & breathe it. I just finished writing a song that I plan to release on my birthday as we speak lol. Its my life and I promise I will never give up or stop going in.


Facebook: @TheRealAleychia

Twitter: TheRealAleychia

Instagram: @aleychiaperfect


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