5 Truths | Featuring Je’Chill

We just ran into a beautiful young queen who happens to be an amazing dancer and a pretty dope artist as well. Let’s welcome Je’Chill to the hottest indie spot in Eastern NC! 


1️⃣ Who is Chill.Zone?

Chill.Zone is not a who but a what. Chill.Zone is where you will find all the pieces of me. Every form of art that I love , every strong word of motivation that I read, and all my favorite moments with my son are there. Chill.Zone is how I see the world and how I live in it.

2️⃣ What outfit are you rocking at this very moment ?

I’m currently rocking a white shirt that I cropped, black valour pants, and fuzzy grey slippers. 

3️⃣ Give us a quick run through of how your recent journey to Atlanta went from sun up to sun down.

I got up around 5am, got dressed, left a little after seven. The entire ride I was getting my vibes right with the Supa Dupa Fly album from Missy *my fav*… Stopped for lunch had a burger and fries of course. Getting there right at 5pm I was the 9th person. We stood outside until about 7. I used the time outside before auditions to warm up and meet people. By 8pm we were learning choreography and MISSY had come to join us! After my group was taught we had about four hours to master it. I wound up leading a super dope practice with 100 other dancers. IT WAS LIT! We were all hyped to be experiencing this moment together. Around 1am I actually auditioned. I was called to the front and center to dance. After the audition Missy was in her car, and I got a hug before she went back in with the other dancers! I waited around to support my other dance buddies and headed on home around 4am. I had a blast and haven’t been that sore in years lol!

4️⃣ Which Carolina artists are you feeling right now?

Honestly I’m really digging myself.  Not to be big headed but I’m happy to be able to say it and mean it. The music I create is a mashup of all the different elements that make me myself. My music is my life sound track and I think it’s pretty dope. 

5️⃣ Explain how important dancing really is to you. 

Dance is like my core class. It’s the basics to me. I feel music which helps me in the creation of my music. I like to flow the way I would dance. Dance opened doors and eyes for me. It gave me courage. I love dance I hope I can always do it. 


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