Eternal The MC | What You Believe

Reporting from the Carolina's but hailing from New York's Brooklyn, Eternal The MC drops off a true Hip Hop original! #DiveDeEP is coming soon. Check out more music and updates HERE!

1️⃣ Where'd you get that name from & why?
> I used to go by the moniker E-Double A.P.M.C., which was always getting misspelled and mispronounced. To add to that, my people back home in Brooklyn NY, called me E Double growing up, but every Hip Hop head knows that the true E-Double is Erick Sermon. So in 2011, I thought for a long time about having something that stands out when you hear it, and the type of impact I wanted to have and leave in Hip Hop and life in general, and thus Eternal The M.C. was born.
2️⃣ What does Hip Hop really mean to you? Explain.
> To me, Hip Hop means
> speaking your truth. You speak your truth in the way you dress, the bars you spit, and the art you present. Hip Hop changed the world by truly being itself. I feel like if we the people of Hip Hop culture ever stop speaking the truth, in every facet of the word, then this culture will never be the same.
3️⃣ Have you recently released any new music? If so where can we find it?
> What You Believe was recently released on SoundCloud.
> You can also find my music on

4️⃣ Where are you from? & is your city aware of your movement?
> I'm from Brooklyn, New York, however I've been building my brand and spreading my music and message since I moved to Raleigh NC in 2006. I believe the people are aware of the movement, and that I'm working hard to set new precedents with each new work.
5️⃣ What's your biggest aspiration in life?
> My biggest aspirations in life is to be a catalyst for preserving the history and essence of this beautiful Hip Hop culture while pushing it to new heights, and to make and keep my son and the rest of my family proud. Everything else is gravy.


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