Deeper Than Musik | Jaymarlé

Music isn't just a hobby. Music is life! Don't take that at face value. It's [Deeper Than Musik].. It's deeper than the melodies and symphonies. It's deeper than the trapped up bars from Dray & nem. It's deeper than the studio vibes and long nights. Music is my lifestyle… I've officially sealed the deal on my […]

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Eternal The MC | What You Believe

Reporting from the Carolina's but hailing from New York's Brooklyn, Eternal The MC drops off a true Hip Hop original! #DiveDeEP is coming soon. Check out more music and updates HERE! #IndieArtistSpotlight1️⃣ Where'd you get that name from & why?>> I used to go by the moniker E-Double A.P.M.C., which was always getting misspelled and […]

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